William Byholt (26)

William is a passionate globetrotter who has traveled extensively throughout the world while visiting a total of 75 countries. His vision is to put lesser-known destinations on the map and to promote a more adventurous form of traveling. He has a degree in sports biology from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and is certified as a personal trainer by Hedmark University of Applied Sciences. When trying out new activities, or learning new sports, William always combines a theoretical approach with a practical understanding. He strongly believes that this is a key element in ensuring success.

Since 2010, William has spent almost 800 days abroad, mostly outside of Europe, in his pursuit of the ultimate adventure. He has summited well-known peaks such as Mont Blanc (4810 m) and Huyana Potosí (6088 m), in addition to many other mountains in India, Venezuela, Armenia, Peru, Georgia and the United States. One of William’s all-time favorite trips was when he traveled all the way from London to Hong Kong by train, while having a few stopovers underway, including a memorable motorbike road trip in Mongolia.

The next big adventure is set for March 2018, when William plans to travel 6000 km across Indonesia on a motorcycle, while climbing the Indonesian 7 summits along the way. The journey will end in the Bismarck Sea outside of Papua New-Guinea, after paddling 200 km down the Sepik River in a dugout canoe.